Best Blogging Niches to Start a Blog in 2020

Niche Blogging is the act of making a blog with the intent and commitment of using it for a particular niche market.

Niche blogs (also called niche websites) may appeal to geographic areas, a specialty industry, age groups, or any other particular group of people with different interests. Usually, niche blogs contain affiliate links or advertisements of some sort.

In some cases, the purpose of the niche blog is to incite the reader into visiting another website which may then attempt to sell the reader a particular product or service.

The popularity of niche blogging among new marketers can be attributed to several factors which are as follows:

Cost: Blogging can be a low-cost operation which uses free hosting platforms including WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. Bloggers who choose to invest and participate may purchase domain names or self-host their blogs for a cost.

Self-hosted blogs are popular. Google takes a website’s speed as a ranking factor therefore SEOs recommend webmasters to host their blogs on high quality servers.

Effectiveness: As far as company-run websites go, niche blogs are an effective marketing tool because of their fewer sale-oriented nature. By providing useful content for users rather than just pitching sales, niche blogs encourage both product and brand awareness and are therefore popular in a series of industries as an addition to company’s website.

Passion: Passion for your blogging niche goes a long way to sustained motivation to run your blog. In order to create the best blogging niche, one needs to develop a passion for it then only you can make it interesting and persuasive enough to attract your target audience.

A famous example of developing a passion for something after seeing tangible results is the story of the late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. was not at all infatuated with computers earlier in his life, as outlined in one article by FastCompany.

Yet, there is no doubt that Steve Jobs eventually developed a burning passion for the technology industry after his venture took off and became the most successful personality.

Targeting Audience: Niche bloggers generate revenue by targeting readers in their niche, which includes a group of fellow professionals in a business, or potential clients. The choice of target audience influences the bloggers to choose the topics and cover it in order to present and promote their writings.

Profitability: If built appropriately and interesting, then niche blogs can provide their bloggers with a pleasing revenue. The reason is, this kind of blogs target a specific type of audience that is closer to the final stage of the purchase funnel.

Best Blogging Niches

Though there are many famous blog niches, but we will be discussing some of the top blog niches which tend to receive the most traffic and generate the most income:


Food is a popular blogging topic because everyone loves food. One can gain a fair amount of organic traffic through recipe posts, cooking ideas and tutorials.

According to income reports, there are huge number of food blogs raking in thousands each month. You have an even better chance of crafting a successful blog if you choose to specialize in a particular diet or cousin.

People often look for different recipes according to their taste and preferences, some people like Chinese, some like South Indian whereas some are health conscious and look for healthy recipes and vegan & vegetarian blogs, for example, have an easier time building a loyal audience than more generalized food blogs, as do blogs related to specific food allergies.

Cooking is an extremely broad topic which includes baking, grilling, homebrewing beer, simmering, etc you could build an entire blog around.  Detailing the cooking process, choice of seasoning and ingredients you will need, way of presenting it is a part of a recipe for success.

You could even make a blog about the history of certain dishes or focus on cultural significance or follow traditional cooking styles. Learning to cook remains one of the most popular topics on the internet, and a cooking blog is a great way to target the audience.

In order to create a blog related to food, these are certain steps which can help you to create an effective and profitable food blog:

  • Get your basic website setup.
  • Choose the right WordPress food blogging theme or recipe plugin.
  • Showcase beautiful images and videos of the food which you are going to prepare or already prepared.
  • Boost your click through rate using rich snippets or leftovers.
  • Grow your following on social media because it is a great traffic-generator for food blogs.
  • Monetize your food blog in a few different ways by creating your own cookbook, accepting sponsored posts on your websites and so on.

Personal Finance & Investment

Managing your money can be pretty confusing and difficult when you have lot of things to manage and spend accordingly. The personal finance and investment niche is all about getting your finances right and growing your net worth. There are hundreds of ways to make money, and nobody has covered all the methods.

This might be a difficult task and also one of the reasons why so many people turn to personal finance blogs for help and suggestions. And, since they tend to be run by finance-savvy individuals, perhaps it is not surprising that there are quite a few of these blogs making tens or even thousands of dollars per month.

This is a niche that is not that easy to just jump in. If you have developed an interest in finance, personal growth, stock market, forex market, and other investment schemes, this is where you can excel.

You need to have an idea and suggestions and a good handle on your own money, and tips and tricks which you can share with readers

For example, Mr. Money Mustache is a well-known blog in the Financial Independence, Retire Early niche. Mr. Money Mustache is the website and pseudonym of 46-year-old Canadian blogger named Peter Adeney.

With extensive posts and a strong voice, this blog covers some similar ground to other personal finance, but with a core philosophy and explicit style that is weaved in throughout absolutely everything on the site.

This blogger made a very pointed decision when it came to his decision on how to pick a blog niche within the crowded personal finance space, one that has created a lasting brand for him to reap the rewards from for years to come.

You can even build a thriving impressive affiliate marketing business that helps people save and invest their money in various channels. All you need to do is research and back up your facts with authoritative sources. Some sub-niches you should consider in the personal finance and investment niche include:

  • Stock Market: Create blogs that analyse the Stock market instruments, trends and appropriate way of investing in stock market.
  • Foreign Exchange Markets: Create blogs that compare major currency pairs and exotics. You can also create content reviewing the best brokers and various software programs.
  • Credit Card Niche and Loan Management: Credit card debt and credit card rewards are highly debated topics. You can go the extra mile and educate your audience about loan management by using effective methods and giving related examples.

Fashion & Beauty

Everyone is always looking to hop onto the next fashion trend, as a fashion blogger, you could be the person that helps them find it.

Fashion blogs can be run in a number of ways. One way to approach it is to show off your own fashion by creating your own fashion statement and ideas to establish yourself as a name in the fashion world. While this can take time, the reward at the end is worth the effort.

The other approach is to try and cover a variety of fashion styles and how to make each one work. Regardless, fashion is a popular topic and you can make a lot of money from it as a blog. Fashion represents what we wear, and how we wear it to make it a statement.

The fashion niche is a highly lucrative if you are looking to start your affiliate marketing business. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have set the pace in the fashion industry. From clothes to boots, shoes, shades, gowns, ties, and accessories, everyone loves to look good.

Beauty products also go hand in hand with fashion because people want to dress well as look good at the same time. People love to invest in their skin to keep it radiating and supple.

You can take your love for the fashion niche to the next level by creating a fashion blog and writing exciting articles on fashion trends, new releases, fashion weeks, and more. Do not just regurgitate what is out there but also share your unique opinion and ideas on fashion-related stories.

Some sub-niches you should consider in the fashion and beauty niche include beauty and cosmetics, and latest fashion trends. For example, The Atlantic Pacific is an example of a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping others get inspiration for their outfits, personal aesthetics and create opportunities.


If you are passionate about traveling & curious for new experiences, the travel niche is the right fit for you. Traveling is therapeutic and relaxing for many people, and you can be their go-to-person for travel destinations and tips which can make them discover places.

You need to hone your research skills and storytelling abilities. You also need to show the hidden beauties of the most obscure destinations.

There are several affiliate programs partnered with travel airlines, agents, and tour operators willing to pay an attractive percentage for every person that does business with them through link.

There are a plethora of affiliate programs for the travel niche, namely, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and even Airbnb. There are also a lot of independent sponsors that may contact you for an advert slot or a referral campaign.

For example, Erik Gauger, creator of the blog, Notes from the Road, uses his love of travel and photography to deliver and bring a pleasurable and interesting insight into his world travels. Many of his travels include adventure elements such as backpacking in the wilderness and so on.

Erik Gauger acknowledges that modern-day travel blogging sometimes has a bad reputation because travelers are incentivized to leave glowing reviews of hotels or travel destinations.

His long-lasting position within the blog niche is more about sharing the personal experiences of traveling than dropping a five-star review of a resort and includes original sketches, animal and plant life lists from around the world and music lists for travelling.

Music & Movies

Everyone has a favourite genre and a favourite artist. Film Making and music are two of the most consumed media products in the world.

You can write reviews on songs and movies on as part of your affiliate marketing strategy. There are thousands of music and movie lovers and the rave for a new album or movie never stops. If your passion for music and movies is unquenchable, then you should start writing.

Create a music/movie review blog and review the latest releases by the minute and write what you think or what is your review about the music or the movie. Sharing your original and authentic opinion might earn you a loyal following.

Some sub-niches you should consider in the music and movie niche include Music Blogging, Movie reviews based on several criteria like plotline, cast selection, acting prowess, and other nuances and Affiliate websites.

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